Waste Removal & Recycling

Waste Removal

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc., provides cleanup crews with dumpsters throughout Monterey county for waste cleanups, debris removal, green waste removal, and storm cleanups. We have experience in removing debris and waste from commercial properties for sale, private property that has abandoned trash dumped on site, city property that has non-permitted living quarters constructed on-premises as well as storm damage projects.

Our cleanup crews and dumpsters have assisted in green waste removal for contractors and homeowners where large volumes of green waste need immediate removal, we have the ability to remove 400 yards or more per day and save contractors time and money on equipment rentals and skilled work crews on site. We also provide a “drive-by” service when needed where our crews show up, load up and leave.

Commercial cleanups that include equipment removal are also part of Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc.’s, services. Our commercial services include removing old equipment, equipment not running, equipment without proper DMV paperwork, cars and trucks, and equipment that requires special handling. Commercial property general clean-up to remove all debris, waste and misc. items to enable a property to be re-purposed is included in our services.

Our company operates a County permitted C&D recycling facility that is registered with the State of California. This permit allows our company to bring loads back to our facility to sort and separate furthering our ability to divert from our local landfills.

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. has also assisted the County and State in emergency situations where debris removal was necessary. We proudly provide our services when we are called upon to do so by either the City, County or State.

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The Salinas Valley has a large number of AG related businesses where Cardboard, Plastic and Metals are generated. Salad Processing Facilities, Growers, Shippers, Farms, Ranches and Commercial businesses make up a large part of our recycling customer base. We have steadily grown our Ag recycling division by offering Recycling Services that cater specifically to each AG companies needs in regard to service.

Drip tape and Green House Plastic recycling has been added as additional items we Recycle to further assist the local Ag Companies throughout Monterey county in their efforts to divert from our landfills.

We have an in house baling operation that takes recyclable products and bales them for market. Some of the recyclables we bale are HDPE, PP, Film plastic, drip tape and green house film plastic. Baled recycled products are then sold to export or domestic markets. Container loads bound for export are loaded at our facility and bales sold for domestic markets are either loaded onto our flatbed trucks or onto customers arranged trucks.

Organic waste has been an area EHR has been focusing on in an effort to reduce materials from our landfills. EHR has developed a machine for the salad industry that separates the organic matter in salad bags from the packaging. This allows salad processing facilities to divert organic materials from the landfill to either dairy farms or compost facilities. Our machine has been in operation and diverting from our landfills since 2016.