As a contractor or construction site manager, your main concerns on any construction project are following the correct timeline and completing the work as requested by your client. Maintaining a clean working space is a huge component of a high-quality construction worksite, but it may come as a secondary thought to you and your crew. However, as you probably know from experience, waste that is left behind can become not only frustrating but also hazardous to your workers.

Thankfully, when hiring a professional construction waste removal company in the Salinas area, you can let someone else worry about these concerns while you focus on your main projects. This not only can save you precious time but also can be an investment that actually saves you money over the course of a single project.

Waste Can Be a Huge Problem on Construction Sites

Construction site waste can certainly become a huge problem in very little time. In fact, without regular waste removal from a large construction site, building material trash can pile up in only a day or two, creating unmanageable piles of unsightly garbage and making it difficult to work safely around the site.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that over 200 million pounds of construction waste is created every year across the country. While much of these waste products go straight to local landfills, some waste removal companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of turning this waste into new products. Through waste recycling, companies not only can benefit the earth but also can create usable products for both homes and businesses. This is especially important as landfills are becoming increasingly overcrowded these days.

A Waste Removal Company with the Right Priorities

When you choose a waste removal company in the Salinas area, you want to make sure that the need to reuse and recycle waste is a priority for it. Of course, this will make you feel good about protecting the earth’s fragile environment. In addition, you can feel proud of yourself for contributing to something new that other home and business owners will be able to enjoy.

Whether you are a contractor for a large or a small construction company, you know just how important it is to keep a clean worksite. Instead of leaving clean-up to your crew, you can provide more direct oversight by dealing with critical issues, such as waste removal, in a time-sensitive manner.

Professional Construction Waste Removal Solves Numerous Problems

You may be surprised at just how much waste is created on construction sites every year, especially when you add in the waste produced on demolition sites. While 200 million pounds of waste is created every year at construction sites in the U.S., that number rises to 569 million pounds as of 2017 when you add in demolition waste. Not so surprisingly, demolition of old buildings and similar areas creates far more waste than a typical construction project does.

A typical construction or demolition project creates a variety of waste materials. While you may immediately think of concrete, wood, and drywall, you should also know that many sites create steel, asphalt, tile, shingle, brick, and clay waste as well. This is particularly common on large projects, such as major buildings and roads.

Construction Waste Can Be Recycled

Much of this waste can actually be recycled if you get it to the right place. Ideally, waste is separated to improve the recycling process. However, for mixed construction and demolition waste removal, only 35% of the waste is usually recycled on average while the rest is funneled into landfills. On the other hand, when products are separated, such as is typically the case with asphalt pavement from roads and parking lots, the recycling rate goes up to 99%.

Not only can recycling your waste help you feel good about yourself and your construction company, but also it can create numerous jobs, save thousands of acres of space in landfills across the country and create a way to reuse precious resources. In addition, recycling at least some construction waste is a requirement in many parts of the country, including in 25% of municipalities in the state of California. Instead of having to worry about these laws on your own, you can let a professional construction waste removal service take care of all of these little issues, freeing you up to focus on your main project.

Construction Waste Removal Comes with Huge Benefits

If you are looking for new ways to save time and money on your construction site, look no further than professional waste removal services. Professionals can actually minimize your disposal costs by showing up at the worksite with the right equipment the first time. Much debris does not even fit into typical dumpsters, but a professional company will bring the right equipment and take care of all of the cleanup, fuel, and dumping fees.

Once you outsource waste removal, you can forget about it. You will no longer have to pay your skilled construction crew for clean up and waste hauling tasks that can fill up valuable hours in your day. In addition, your crew will not have to be worried about separating debris and ensuring that recyclable, reusable or hazardous products get where they need to go.

Choose a Waste Removal Company That Values Sustainability

While construction and demolition waste makes up approximately 40% of the waste found in landfills these days, that number can certainly go down as more construction companies turn to smart recycling and deconstructing options. With these methods, you can often save materials from one site for reuse on another site or can see used wood, drywall and concrete turned into entirely new products.

At Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc., we value sustainability in all that we do. We put a priority on recycling as many waste materials as possible, getting them out of the landfills and into the hands of companies that can turn them into something new and helpful for other consumers. When you want to find a new way to save time and money on your worksite while supporting the environment, turn to Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. in Salinas for your clean-up and waste removal needs. Call us today at 831-594-5858 or visit or Contact Page to find out more about what we offer.