Waste Removal

Waste Removal Services


If you’re in the Agriculture industry, Produce industry, Construction industry, or Cannabis industry in the Salinas Valley and need assistance with the removal of generated Waste, Green waste, Soil or a Facility with a recycling project, we are a company that has the capacity to work on large or small projects. You also may want a company that can help you save on your company’s labor costs by providing cleanup crews. Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. provides Green waste and Soil removal in the Salinas Valley. You will find few local companies with more experience in the Clean up and Recycling industry than Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. We have spent the last 25 years providing Waste removal services as well as recycling and diverting from our local landfills for the Agriculture, Construction, and Cannabis industries, let us use our years of experience to work with you on your projects and processes.

Who We Serve and What We Do


Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. provides cleanup crews with dumpsters throughout Monterey county for Waste cleanup, Debris removal, Green waste removal, Soil removal, Storm cleanup and Disaster incidents. We understand the importance of providing recycling/diversion options for companies that are mandated by the County and State to address their waste streams . Some of the projects that we have recycled/diverted waste from include:

  • Salad Processing facilities
  • Greenhouses
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Commercial properties with debris and waste
  • Private properties with abandoned trash
  • City properties with non-permitted living quarters on premises
  • Commercial and private properties with storm damage
  • County and State fire disasters

Green Waste Removal


Our cleanup crews have provided green waste removal to contractors and homeowners on properties with green waste that needs to be removed immediately. And if you’re concerned about whether or not we can handle the size of your property, we want you to know that we have the ability to remove 400 yards of debris per day, which saves contractors time and money on equipment rentals and skilled work crews. Skilled workers are more expensive to keep on staff, so you want your construction employees with specialized trades working on the projects that they’ve been specifically trained for and not to be pulled away to do clean up . We understand that sending skilled workers to do unskilled labor is a poor way to use your workers, so we make everything as easy as possible by providing cleanup crews. When necessary, we also provide a “drive-by” service, where our crews show up, load up, and leave, either way you can get Labor, dumpsters, hauling and recycling/diversion with just one phone call.

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for your waste removal and recycling needs

Equipment Removal for Commercial Properties


Sometimes, Commercial properties, Farms or Ranches have large pieces of equipment that are difficult to remove or require special handling. Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. provides equipment removal throughout the Salinas Valley. Some of the types of equipment that we remove include: 

  • Old obsolete equipment
  • Inoperable equipment
  • Cars, trucks and tractors
  • Vehicles with missing DMV paperwork
  • Equipment that requires special handling

We also provide general cleanup on commercial properties, removing debris, waste, and miscellaneous items so that properties can be repurposed.

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. Helps With Emergencies


We also know that emergencies arise because of natural disaster, and we have experience providing services to local government agencies, too. Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. has experience assisting the county and state in emergency situations in which debris removal was necessary in remote locations at non regular business hours. We proudly provide our services when we are called upon to do so by either the City, County, or State.

Green Services That Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. Provides


Since Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. is a green company that’s committed to finding the best ways to keep materials out of landfills, we also have permits that help us further our mission. Our company operates a construction and demolition recycling facility that is registered with the state of California. This permit allows our company to bring our loads back to our facility to sort and separate, furthering our ability to recycle/divert waste from our local landfills.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You With Your Waste-Removal Needs


If you’re in the Produce, Agriculture, Construction or Cannabis industry or have a private property that needs Waste removal, fill out the form on our contact page so that we can learn how we can better help you. How many clean up companies offer you a recycling/diversion option with your jobs? We know companies care about recycling and diverting from our landfills so please remember, Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. offers a recycling/diversion option with our services to companies that operate in the Salinas Valley. With our 25 years experience in the industry, we’re sure to be able to help you.