Ag Soil Hauling & Trucking


Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. has been serving Monterey County since 1995. Part of our services has been in the trucking industry. We offer different types of trucking options to our customers. We specialize in serving the AG industry including Greenhouses, organic processing facilities, farms, ranches and construction sites throughout Monterey County. We can tailor suit your next job site trucking needs to make your equipment rentals are efficient as well as cut your labor costs because we have the trucks, equipment, and experience that will ensure you’re not waiting for trucking or hauling on your project.

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Side dumps

Our Side dump trailers are an efficient way to recycle soil from your Greenhouses and job sites or for Cull hauling from salad processing facilities. These trailers are also used for hauling organic matter or wood chips to your facility. The side dump trailers consist of two trailers pulled by one truck. The volume that each set of double trailer combinations can carry is between 60-80 yards each trip. Weight wise each set of double trailers holds is up to 45,000 lbs. per trip.


Our flatbed service is a good choice if you are hauling Produce from the fields like lettuce, strawberries, onions or any other varieties of AG produce from the field or processing facility. Materials for hoop house construction to building materials make our flatbeds a good choice. With over 24 years in the business we have specific knowledge concerning ranch locations and ranch needs within Monterey county making logistics that much easier. Bulk super sack hauling as well as hauling equipment for AG and Construction companies are other areas which make our flatbeds are a good choice.


We also have a dry van service to offer when the materials that need to be hauled can not be done with a flatbed trailer. This is especially useful to customers who have loads that need to be contained during transportation like finished product from salad processing companies or recycled items from recycling companies. Our van trailer service is also a good choice when rain may affect the materials being hauled or when a dock spot to load makes the job easier and more cost effective than loading from the ground.

Roll-off & Dumpsters

Our Roll off truck division has played a strong part in our ability to service our customers. Roll – off Service requests have come from companies, Farms, Ranches, municipalities as well as homeowners who have recycling and debris removal needs. Natural disaster clean up’s have also been an area where our roll offs and dumpsters are used to support the local cities and county. Local companies have contacted us to use our Roll-off trucks and dumpsters to help them with their recycling programs where we help those companies recycle and divert from our local landfills. Our roll off trucks with dumpsters make loading more versatile and efficient at most job sites plus it contains debris that otherwise might be blown around by the wind or wash down a city drain.