Recycling, Dumpsters,
Waste Removal, Soil Hauling

for Agriculture, Produce, Construction, & Greenhouses

Waste Removal

Waste Removal Service

If you’re in the Agriculture industry, Produce industry, Construction industry, or Greenhouses in the Salinas Valley and need assistance with the removal of generated Waste, Green waste, Soil or a Facility with a recycling project, we are a company that has the capacity to work on large or small waste removal projects. You also may want a company that can help you save on your company’s labor costs by providing cleanup crews.


Recycling & Dumpsters

If you’re a business owner in the produce, farming, ranching, produce shipping, greenhouse, or other agriculture-related industry, we would be happy to help find a solution to your agriculture-related recycling needs. We help keep plastic and organic waste out of our landfills. Some of the recyclables we bale are cardboard, rigid plastic, film plastic, drip tape, and more.

Soil Hauling & Trucking

Ag Soil Hauling & Trucking

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. has been serving the Monterey County since 1995. Part of our services has been in the trucking industry. We offer different types of trucking options to our customers. We specialize in serving the AG industry including Greenhouses, organic processing facilities, farms, ranches, and construction sites throughout the Salinas, Monterey County area.

About Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc.

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc was founded in 1995 in Monterey County. Our services include waste removal, soil hauling, junk removal, and recycling & dumpster services. We operate a permitted sorting facility as well as provide recycling dumpsters, sorting crews, and soil hauling.


Learn how Eagle Hauling is helping to keep our Monterey Bay, waste-free:

We prioritize recycling materials and divert as much waste as possible from landfills, so we don’t just keep your site or property clean—we keep Salinas, the Valley, and the Monterey Bay clean as well. Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. is the smart choice for your waste removal, hauling, and recycling needs in the Salinas, Monterey Bay Area.

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Our Latest Client Testimonials

“I’m kicking myself for not calling Eagle Hauling in the first place. If you have junk you need removed, this company is the only place you need to call, they are amazing!” – Sarah S.

“I needed stuff hauled to the dump. I am impressed that I called at 11 am and by 12:15 they were here hauling off my trash. It was a great experience for me. Highly recommended!” – Asia G.

“Very fast service! I was originally given the time slot for 3-5pm. Chuck called and said he could stop by earlier. I was impressed at how quickly he was able to get my years of accumulated waste out of here! I’ll be a returning customer for sure! “ – Phil F.