Ag Recycling & Dumpsters,

Waste Removal & Soil Hauling

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Waste Removal

Waste Removal

If you’re in the Agriculture industry, Produce industry, Construction industry, or Cannabis industry in the Salinas Valley and need assistance with the removal of generated Waste, Green waste, Soil or a Facility with a recycling project, we are a company that has the capacity to work on large or small projects. You also may want a company that can help you save on your company’s labor costs by providing cleanup crews.


Recycling & Dumpsters

If you’re an agriculture-related business, you might be looking for ways to recycle plastic materials and send more organic materials to compost, thereby reducing the amount of waste that’s put into landfills and providing more compost materials that can then be used to enrich the soil.

Soil Hauling & Trucking

Ag Soil Hauling & Trucking

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc. has been serving the Monterey County since 1995. Part of our services has been in the trucking industry. We offer different types of trucking options to our customers. We special in serving the AG industry including Greenhouses, organic processing facilities, farms, ranches and construction sites throughout Monterey County.

About Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc.

Eagle Hauling & Recycling, Inc was founded in 1995 in Monterey County. Our services include waste removal, soil hauling, junk removal and trucking. We operate a permitted sorting facilty as well as provide recycling dumpsters, sorting crews and trucking.