Salinas is fortunate to be situated in one of the most beautiful ocean-front regions in the world. Monterey Bay, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, is a rich maritime habitat populated by a diverse abundance of marine life. Not only do thousands of species rely on the environmental protection of the Bay, but many businesses and workers in the region also depend on the Bay for tourism, fishing, and other industries that keep the local economy thriving.

Protecting this ecosystem is important, particularly given the region’s thriving construction and agriculture sectors. Helping those businesses succeed while also serving as responsible stewards of the land and sea requires a dedicated, professional waste-disposal service that specializes in the needs of the Monterey Bay region. For 25 years, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. has been one of Salinas’s leaders in removing and disposing of commercial, agricultural, and cannabis waste with an eye toward environmental safety and sustainability.


Waste Removal

ag dumpsters salinasWhether you are a farmer or contractor, homeowner or builder, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. specializes in removing solid waste, green waste, soil, and debris, or recyclable materials from large and small projects alike. Their professional crews can clean a site of up to 400 yards of debris or more per day. They’ve worked private properties, commercial properties, ranches, farms, greenhouses, and public properties on everything from fire and storm damage to abandoned property to green waste to construction debris. They also specialize in removing old and inoperable equipment that needs special handling, including cars, trucks, tractors, and other large machinery.

And because they make environmental protection a priority, they always focus first on pursuing any available recycling or diversion options in order to reduce the number of materials flowing into landfills. Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. operates its own registered construction and demolition recycling facility, which means they have the ability to bring their loads back to their facility where they sort and separate debris from their customers’ loads.

Hiring a professional clean-up crew from Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. is also a great way for commercial operations and contractors to reduce their own labor costs. Rather than assigning skilled tradesmen from a job to take care of the work of cleaning up, and having to hire additional equipment to get the job done, bringing in an Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. “drive-by” crew will get the job quickly, efficiently, and completely for a fraction of the cost and with just one phone call.


Recycling and Dumpsters

For agricultural businesses looking to recycle and compost organic waste generated from their operations, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. operates a specialized recycling division that provides the Salinas Valley with a start-to-finish solution for collecting recyclable waste, hauling it away, and then delivering it to facilities that can reuse the materials for new products or composting. In order to meet the specific needs of the Valley’s salad processing facilities, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. operates specialized salad bag opening equipment that automatically separates the bag packaging from its compostable organic contents. They are also experienced in recycling many of the other raw materials that come out of Salinas commercial enterprises, including green waste, soil, manure, grape pumas, compost, cardboard, plastic, and metals.

For recyclable solids, such as cardboard, PP rigid plastic, HDPE rigid plastic, film plastic, drip tape, and greenhouse plastic, they provide either on-site baling or baling at their permitted recycling facility. Once the materials have been processed and packaged by the baling operations, they can be easily sold to either domestic or export markets.

Since 2016, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. has operated specialized machinery, custom made for our customers designed to separate and repurpose organic waste for the salad processing industry. Almost 100% of the diverted organic materials are sent to local dairy farms or composting facilities.


Agricultural Soil Hauling and Trucking

agricultural hauling and truckingSince 1995, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. has provided trucking services to the greenhouses, farms, ranches, construction sites, and organic processing facilities that comprise the region’s booming agricultural industry. They have a wide range of trucks and equipment, and the experienced drivers and crews, necessary to deliver or remove organic material, local produce or soil hauling tasks of almost any size. And because they’ve been in business in the area for so long, they have the expertise about the region to handle smoothly the logistics of transportation as well.

For local produce, recycling soil, hauling organic matter, cull hauling, or similar jobs, they have Roll off trucks, Vans, side dump trailers, and flatbeds. These different combinations give them the ability to carry from 20 yards to 80 yards, and up to 80,000 pounds, of material per trip. For transporting goods, such as produce or other agricultural products, construction materials, super sack loads, or equipment, they offer flatbed trucks. For finished products or other materials that can’t be transported by flatbed, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. provides a dry van service. The vans are also useful for loading and unloading from docks that would be difficult to access by smaller trucks. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, their roll-off truck division serves businesses and homeowners alike for all their dumpster needs. The roll-off system is versatile and efficient for just about any job site, and they work for just about any waste situation.


Junk Removal

recycling dumpstersStorm debris, moving waste, garage clean-outs, spring cleaning, landscaping projects, appliance disposal, vehicle removal, and general clean-ups have formed the core of Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc’s operations since it opened in 1995. Their crew handles the whole job, from start to finish, to help save you time and reduce the stress of cleaning up the worst of messes. They know how to get all the debris off your site and because they only charge based on what they load, they can save you money in the long run. Their “drive-by” service is a quick and convenient option that takes care of the job in a single visit, so you won’t have a dumpster sitting around on your property for days or blocking your driveway. We call it “One-stop Shopping” for cleanup needs.

If you’re a homeowner, property manager, or real estate agent looking to beautify a property or make it safe and attractive to use or show, they have the experience and professionals to clean up the house quickly and fully and remove any unsightly items, garbage, or debris. Cleaning up and clearing out commercial properties, farms, and ranches require special knowledge, particularly if old or abandoned machinery and vehicles need to be disposed of; Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. has the equipment and the expertise to get it done in an efficient and cost-effective way. Following a fire, storm, or other natural disasters, Disaster waste can present real challenges for removal and mitigation. Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. has been contracted by governmental agencies, such as California Fire, Monterey County, and the California Department of Forestry, to assist with such clean-up in the past, and they helped countless private property owners with similar jobs as well.

Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. prioritizes recycling materials and diverting as much waste as possible from landfills, so they don’t just keep your site or property clean—they keep Salinas, the Valley, and Monterey Bay clean as well. Some clean-up jobs are too big or too complex, or need to be done too soon, to tackle alone; for those, you should hire a professional waste removal company. And with so much to offer, Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. is the smart choice in the Salinas area. Call them today at 831-594-5858 or fill out their contact form to get started.