Junk Removal Services in Salinas

Junk Removal Services in Salinas

If you’re looking for junk removal services in Salinas, you can stop your search now because Eagle Hauling and Recycling, Inc. can get the job done promptly and professionally. Serving both the private sector and commercial businesses since 1995, we’re here to take out the trash that exceeds your regularly scheduled pickups.

Junk Removal Services with a Focus on Recycling

If you care about the environment, you might be reluctant to call a traditional junk removal service in Salinas, CA. When you choose us, you can breathe easy knowing that we take all refuse back to our own county permitted facility to separate the rubbish from the recyclables. This helps to divert loads that might otherwise put additional strain on landfills.

How We Can Help

Whether you must clear out the junk because you are selling or have simply done some intensive seasonal cleaning, we’ll come out and get rid of your refuse so that you don’t have to. Our “drive-by” method means that we come in with our labor and get the job done quickly. You won’t have to worry about having an unattractive dumpster blocking your driveway then waiting days to be picked up. This means that you can save money by paying only for what is loaded and we are in and out leaving after you are cleaned up.

Residential Junk Removal Services in Salinas

Perhaps you have an event coming up that you’re hosting at your property or have been working on a major improvement project. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll come out, load your junk, and haul it away for you.

Commercial Junk Removal Services in Salinas

Our junk removal service can help to clear your property of debris, allowing you more access to your space. When we’re through, you’ll be better able to utilize your acreage or put it up for sale at a better price with the increased curb appeal.

Disaster Debris Removal Services in Salinas

Natural disasters such as storms, fires, and earthquakes can leave devastation. Let us come and clear out the debris, leaving you free to focus on rebuilding what was damaged. As a trusted source for state and county governmental agencies, you can have confidence that we’ll provide you with exceptional service.

Allow Us to Serve You

You care about the environment, so don’t take chances with just any company. With our easy-to-complete online form, you can find out more about the services that we offer so that you can set up your time for us to meet. Don’t waste any more time searching junk removal services in Salinas, and give us a call today.